5 Top Tips to Keep Man’s Best Friend Cool in Summer

keep your dog cool in summerAs we head into summer, most of us will feel the heat at one time or another. That also includes man’s best friend, because as the temperature rises, our dogs can also suffer from heat stress and heat exhaustion. Some dogs can handle the heat better than others, but what can you do to help your dog cope with the heat during summer?

Well here are a few top summer tips that will make your dog the coolest dog in the street!

Walk in the coolest parts of the day

Walk your dog in the coolest part of the day when the heat is not so fierce, the sun is not bearing down and their paws are not going to be burnt. Lots of people forget that a dog’s paws are very susceptible to the heat contained in hard surfaces.

How many times have you hopped from one spot to another in bare feet, because the surface is too hot to walk on? Dogs suffer from the same problem, so by walking your dog when the sun is not beating down, you save your dog’s paws from being burnt. Also, the temperature in the morning or early evening is much cooler and more conducive to an energetic and enjoyable walk for both yourself and your dog. You will also find there is much more shade available at these times of day.

Keep your dog well hydrated

Unlike us, dogs can’t cool down by sweating, instead they pant. So a dog that is suffering from heat stress will pant and drool excessively. They may also appear lethargic and their eyes may be bloodshot.

Some dogs suffer from the heat more than others, in particular dogs with darker coloured coats and also overweight dogs can become very stressed. A good idea is to carry some water with you when you go out for a walk with your dog, so you can top them up before they show signs of becoming dehydrated.

Alternatively make sure you walk your dog at locations that have access to clean drinking water. It is often a good idea to take your dog to the water and encourage them to drink.

Some top tricks to keep your dog cool

Keep your dog cool in summer with a few easy tricks:

  • You can pop ice cubes in their drinking water.
  • Make up some healthy chicken stock without the salt that comes in many stock cubes and freeze it in an ice cream container. Your dog can then spend a pleasurable hour or more licking their new doggie treat.
  • If your dog likes to play in water, buy one of those hard plastic wading pools and throw in a tennis ball to encourage them to play and cool down, all at one time.
  • If your dog likes it you can spray them with the garden hose to cool them down.

Create the perfect spot in your garden

If you have enough space in your garden, give them a spot where they can dig. This is because dogs will dig down to a cool area and lie there in quiet pleasure out of the sun, all day long. Also, make sure that they have enough shade in the garden, so they can remove themselves from direct sunlight, dig up some dirt and cool themselves down naturally.

Never leave your dog in the car, even for a minute

Don’t leave your dog in a parked car unattended. A car, even if it is parked in the shade can quickly become a hot box and your dog can suffer irreparable heat exhaustion. So don’t leave your dogs unattended in your car and also take some cool water on any road trips.

Go for a swim

One of the best ways to cool your dog down in the heat of the summer is to take them swimming. So if you have a local river that is safe, a nearby ocean, creek or a swimming pool where dogs are allowed, then grab your cossie and have a few hours of fun with man’s best friend.

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